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YouTube Advertising

I read the article ‘Is advertising on YouTube worth it?’ by Abhinn Shreshtha at exchange4media.com and started thinking about the value of YouTube advertising.   I found this page of advertiser success stories on YouTube and found it really interesting.

YouTube is Digital video.  It’s Mobile video as well.  Using it locally to get results can work, but companies have to stay focused on how to deliver their message in order to get local results.

Check out all of the YouTube success stories here.


Felix Kjellberg has 30 million Youtube subscribers on his channel PewDewPie and makes $4 million per year

There is a fantastic article today on wsj.online about Felix Kjellberg, the guy in Norway that posts videos of himself commenting while he plays video games online and does other silly things.   He is totally real, says whatever he wants,  jokes constantly and has 30 million subscribers.  He’s making $4 million per year, per the article.  Pretty amazing.  Read the great article here.   Check out Pewdewpie on YouTube.

Recycling Bins Are Tracking People’s Mobile Phone Data So They Can Send Out Hyper Targeted Mobile Ads in London – From Truthloader on YouTube

This one made us collectively pause.  Recycling bins (trash cans) are logging data from wi-fi users in London for the purpose of targeting ads to shoppers in that same area.  When people walk by, they are giving up data to the trash can, which is logging all sorts of information and sending back a targeted advertisement.  In the video, the author says that people can opt out of having their data collected, but they have to know about it first.  

Like so many, they are crossing the personal privacy line. 

Sonic Drive-in’s Comedy Video Commercials are a riot…”That’s so Kansas City”

What a great ad campaign, and an example of the brilliant marriage of comedy and advertising.  Many of us here at NPN found ourselves laughing outloud as we replayed this one over and over while we talked and joked about it,  “kinda like they do on TMZ” as one staffer put it. Check out the Sonic Drive-in YouTube channel.

The reason comedy is so effective is that it stirs an interest inside of us that nothing else can.  “That’s so Kansas City” is so awesome.