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The Breakfast Club is coming to 93.7 The Beat : Houston’s Real Hip-Hop and R&B.

93.7 The Beat is Houston's Real Home Hip Hop and R&B
93.7 The Beat is Houston’s Real Home Hip Hop and R&B

With their connections in the entertainment world and their ability to entertain, The Breakfast Club will be a huge hit in Houston.  

Check them out on 93.7 FM The Beat in Houston and at 93.7 The Beat on iHeartRadio and help welcome DJ Envy, Angela and Charlamagne to H-Town!

Check out the new 93.7 The Beat website at 937thebeathouston.com.

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Oh No He Di’Nt : @_Double_Diamond turned DoubleDiamond.US all EDM all the Time? Pushin’ EDM like an Ice Cream man pushin’ Bomb Pops? Boom – #resp@ct

No, what you read in the title is not gibberish jive or syntax malfunction.  One of our Regional,  Mid Level consultants thought that any old doof could create, process, edit and publish great content.

The former employee was wrong, but flipping DoubleDiamond.US to all EDM is among the 6th smartest things that could’ve happened in this century.  Live EDM! Love EDM! Re-callibrate…how?  EDM!!!!!