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Improve your image and be confident when interviewing – a video from Aaron Marino on the Alpha M channel on YouTube

Looking and feeling your best in an interview is crucial.  In the video above,  Aaron Marino discusses numerous topics about using style to impress.  Check it out and subscribe to the alpha m . – YouTube Channel here.





Korean star “Psy” added to the iHeartRadio Music festival lineup on Ellen…with Britney Spears as dance partner

iHeartRadio continues blowing up and recently added an up and coming international superstar to it’s 9/21/12 & 9/22/12 lineup at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Psy, from Korea, is a social media success due to his song “Gangnam Style”.  In this clip, he discusses his success with Ellen and then dances “Gangnam style” with Ellen and Britney.