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Arbitron’s Policy Brief – Social Media Dos & Don’ts for Radio | March 2013

Click above to read Arbitron's policy brief on social media and radio
Click above to read Arbitron’s policy brief on social media and Radio

It is very smart of Arbitron to address social media’s impact on radio ratings clearly, as they have in the policy brief linked above.  It’s beneficial for all broadcasters and web publishers to understand Arbitron’s view on ratings distortion and the importance of social media’s ability to engage and influence an audience.  It’s comforting to know that Arbitron is monitoring websites and radio station social media pages to insure that companies aren’t using social media to boost their terrestrial radio audience delivery by engaging with respondents.  

Of course, this point becomes a bit murky because internet radio providers aren’t really addressed and are harder to regulate at this point.  These companies are hustling for an online listening session, just everyone else.

When  a true multi-platform audience measurement delivery system is in place for media and entertainment providers to track total audience delivery, the best practices will probably be updated again.

Bravo Arbitron! 

10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should be Using Now – from Entrepreneur.com via Linked in

Click above to read the article at Entrepreneur.com

It’s hard to keep up with social media tools because there are so many and they update frequently.  That’s one reason myself and all the staff here at NPN are so fond of Top Ten lists, like the one created by Entrepreneur.com we’re discussing today.  I found the helpful and enlightening list in an Entrepreneur.com article through Linkedin.  

My favorite tool so far is HootSuite for iPad.  Actually, it reads HootSuite for Twitter in the itunes app store and it’s awesome.   Check it out.