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If you haven’t had a chance, please tune in to Job Show Radio Sundays at 4pm or visit our podcast page here.  During our weekly show with Ramon, Chris Gatlin of Southern Fried Advertising and I discuss the topics on the minds of job seekers and those trying to fill positions.  Beyond topics, we read actual job openings during each segment and have helped people find new jobs. It’s incredible helping people find the jobs they want.

Also, for all the topics discussed on the show and for other employment related, frequently updated content, please visit our website at jobshowradio.com.


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Job Show Radio discusses the topics on the minds of Houstonians looking for jobs now in Houston.
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Job Show Radio airs every Sunday at 4pm with host Ramon Robles on KPRC 950AM in Houston and at KPRC Radio on the iHeartRadio app

From KTRH.com, a Neil Armstorng tribute to the Sinatra Classic “Fly Me To The Moon”

It’s impossible to imagine being strapped to a massive rocket and launched into outer space or how frightening it would be to be 240,000+ miles from home with no one to help if an accident occurred.  Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot onto the moon and tribute to him and his accomplishment’s, the video above was released onto YouTube.

The pictures are crazy to watch.  I can’t imagine being that far out at sea much less getting fished from the water after dropping from the sky above.  Neil Armstrong did it many times, yet from what I have heard and read, he carried himself with humility and was a kind man.  Tough as nails too.  May he rest in peace and may every American say a prayer for him and his family for his achievements and the footprint he left on mankind, and of course, the moon.

NASA’s heroes are super heroes indeed.