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Listen to Job Show Radio with host Ramon Robles every Sunday at 4pm in Houston on KPRC 950AM or at KPRC Radio on the iHeartRadio app

If you haven’t had a chance, please tune in to Job Show Radio Sundays at 4pm or visit our podcast page here.  During our weekly show with Ramon, Chris Gatlin of Southern Fried Advertising and I discuss the topics on the minds of job seekers and those trying to fill positions.  Beyond topics, we read actual job openings during each segment and have helped people find new jobs. It’s incredible helping people find the jobs they want.

Also, for all the topics discussed on the show and for other employment related, frequently updated content, please visit our website at jobshowradio.com.


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Job Show Radio discusses the topics on the minds of Houstonians looking for jobs now in Houston.
Info for Houstonians looking for jobs
Job Show Radio airs every Sunday at 4pm with host Ramon Robles on KPRC 950AM in Houston and at KPRC Radio on the iHeartRadio app

Don Peterson – Texas Radio Hall of Fame 2013 Inductee

Don Peterson, 2013 Inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, during his tenure at KRLY - Houston in the 1980's.  Don was inducted into the TRHOF on November 16, 2013 in Dallas..
Don Peterson, 2013 Inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, during his tenure at KRLY – Houston in the 1980’s. Don was inducted into the TRHOF on November 16, 2013 in Dallas..

On Saturday November 16th, 2013 a proud group of family and friends celebrated Don Peterson’s induction into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in Dallas.  He was honored along with 14 other Texas Radio broadcaster’s and we could not be more proud of his accomplishments and promotion of the Radio medium.

Congratulations to Don Peterson and the rest of the 2013 inductees!


Mobile Radio Listening is Growing Like Crazy in Houston – A look at CCM+E Houston’s number of weekly mobile listeners

It’s no secret that mobile radio listening is growing in Houston and worldwide, but the rapid adoption is surprising even to those who’ve been in Radio for years.  The video above shows the number of mobile listeners and the number of desktop listeners for Clear Channel Media + Entertainment’s 6 Houston radio stations when listened to via iHeartRadio.com or the iHeartRadio app.

There are nearly 3 times as many people tuning in from a mobile device than are from desktop computers.  It’s crazy because a couple years ago, mobile listening wasn’t eve an option…now it’s dwarfing desktop listening.  

In comparison to terrestrial radio stations…a weekly cume of 186,000 (CCM+E Houston’s number of weekly mobile listeners) would rank around 24th or 25th on a Houston-Galveston 6+ ranker.

And that number grows everyday….

Arbitron’s Policy Brief – Social Media Dos & Don’ts for Radio | March 2013

Click above to read Arbitron's policy brief on social media and radio
Click above to read Arbitron’s policy brief on social media and Radio

It is very smart of Arbitron to address social media’s impact on radio ratings clearly, as they have in the policy brief linked above.  It’s beneficial for all broadcasters and web publishers to understand Arbitron’s view on ratings distortion and the importance of social media’s ability to engage and influence an audience.  It’s comforting to know that Arbitron is monitoring websites and radio station social media pages to insure that companies aren’t using social media to boost their terrestrial radio audience delivery by engaging with respondents.  

Of course, this point becomes a bit murky because internet radio providers aren’t really addressed and are harder to regulate at this point.  These companies are hustling for an online listening session, just everyone else.

When  a true multi-platform audience measurement delivery system is in place for media and entertainment providers to track total audience delivery, the best practices will probably be updated again.

Bravo Arbitron! 

Dana Tyson, Morning Show Host at Sunny99.1 FM Houston, Tours the Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Houston Offices and Invites Listeners to Apply for Jobs in the Advertising Sales Department

Dana Tyson is one of Houston’s most popular and long running Radio personalities.  In this video, she tours the Clear Channel media + Entertainment Houston offices and invites listeners to apply for an exciting position in the Sunny Sales Department.

Being an Advertising Salesperson at CCM+E Houston is exciting, rewarding and fun and  a great way to earn a living.  As a Salesperson, you will help companies grow their business by consulting them on how to use Radio and radio Station website advertising to get results.

If you are interested, send Dana and email.  She’ll help you out!

Advertise Your Houston Area Business to Digital Radio Listeners on the 94.5 The Buzz Channel on iHeartRadio – Efficiently and Effectively

CCM+E has 6 radio stations in Houston on iHeartRadio and our advertising programs are reasonably priced and getting results for our advertisers.  Invite your customers in to see you while they are enjoying their favorite radio stations online or on a mobile device.  iHeartRadio rocks.