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Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion Video and Domination Strategy: Video from the Twitterads channel

Twitter is making every attempt to compete with Google and Facebook in the high-potential mobile market.  This brief ad from Twitterads on YouTube describes how they can help promote your mobile app.  Good stuff.

Also the article “Twitter’s Strategy to Dominate Mobile Advertising” by Marie Alonso at smallbiztrends.com is a great because it discusses the mobile market and Twitter’s evolving strategy to be a major player.

Supercuts “Rock The Cut” Campaign – A Smart Content Marketing Reaching Men Through Music

Click above to check out the Supercuts website and read more about their smart content marketing campaign "Rock The Cut"

Supercuts has a smart content marketing campaign going on right now.  “Rock The Cut” is the name of the new promotion.  The cathcy slogan line is that Supercuts is all about the cuts that rock”.  It’s very clever.  I saw them on a radio station website.  I clicked through to supercuts.com and found hundredes of new artists, some of which sound great. 

The website gives tons of mens grooming tips, along with offers to register to win prizes along with other male targeted features including a video of DJ Ken Loi.  The nav bar at the top has all the location and operations info a customer would need.

It’s all wrapped in the veil of music and men’s entertainment, and the graphic in the upper right of their site beckons me to “…find out about our (Supercuts) favorite new artists.”

In summary…kudos to Supercuts on their smart content marketing campaign.  I like Supercuts more already because of it.

Top Digital Marketing Challenges as reported at Clickz.com

Click above for the whole article written by Augustine Fou at clickz.com

Digital marketing, for all the tools and promises of ease of execution, is tough.  Everyone in the marketing world that I know has gotten fed up with all things Digital at some point.  Anyone who has ever run a website can testify that sometimes, things don’t go your way and you cant figure it out.  And anyone selling advertising will tell you that Digital marketing has, at some point, been a topic they’d rather not discuss.  It’s too new, it’s too confusing, it’s too different.   It’s a terrible feeling that only patience and study can cure.  

That’s why the article we found today at clickz.com, written by Augustine Fou, is so interesting.  It gives a list of the top challenges facing Digital marketers today, as gleaned from Augustine’s course taught at Rutger’s.  A great read for anyone in advertising.