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YouTube Advertising

I read the article ‘Is advertising on YouTube worth it?’ by Abhinn Shreshtha at exchange4media.com and started thinking about the value of YouTube advertising.   I found this page of advertiser success stories on YouTube and found it really interesting.

YouTube is Digital video.  It’s Mobile video as well.  Using it locally to get results can work, but companies have to stay focused on how to deliver their message in order to get local results.

Check out all of the YouTube success stories here.


Recycling Bins Are Tracking People’s Mobile Phone Data So They Can Send Out Hyper Targeted Mobile Ads in London – From Truthloader on YouTube

This one made us collectively pause.  Recycling bins (trash cans) are logging data from wi-fi users in London for the purpose of targeting ads to shoppers in that same area.  When people walk by, they are giving up data to the trash can, which is logging all sorts of information and sending back a targeted advertisement.  In the video, the author says that people can opt out of having their data collected, but they have to know about it first.  

Like so many, they are crossing the personal privacy line. 

Mobile Radio Listening is Growing Like Crazy in Houston – A look at CCM+E Houston’s number of weekly mobile listeners

It’s no secret that mobile radio listening is growing in Houston and worldwide, but the rapid adoption is surprising even to those who’ve been in Radio for years.  The video above shows the number of mobile listeners and the number of desktop listeners for Clear Channel Media + Entertainment’s 6 Houston radio stations when listened to via iHeartRadio.com or the iHeartRadio app.

There are nearly 3 times as many people tuning in from a mobile device than are from desktop computers.  It’s crazy because a couple years ago, mobile listening wasn’t eve an option…now it’s dwarfing desktop listening.  

In comparison to terrestrial radio stations…a weekly cume of 186,000 (CCM+E Houston’s number of weekly mobile listeners) would rank around 24th or 25th on a Houston-Galveston 6+ ranker.

And that number grows everyday….

Advertise Your Houston Area Business to Digital Radio Listeners on the 94.5 The Buzz Channel on iHeartRadio – Efficiently and Effectively

CCM+E has 6 radio stations in Houston on iHeartRadio and our advertising programs are reasonably priced and getting results for our advertisers.  Invite your customers in to see you while they are enjoying their favorite radio stations online or on a mobile device.  iHeartRadio rocks.