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Companies are underspending in Internet and Mobile advertising – Great video from Bloomberg Business.

This video is very explanatory.   It shows how important Internet and Mobile are to consumers, but still woefully underspent on by advertisers.  The times they are a changin’.

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The Great Radio Debate : How to measure terrestrial Radio audience delivery now that there are so many Internet pureplay webcasters

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What a week for Radio.  The can of worms, in this case the debate on Radio audience measurement, has been decisively opened by both sides.  The subject has been looming in the background for a couple years now. Internet Radio has done a good job of maneuvering.  They have been stirring the pot by reporting huge numbers through Edison Research and politely requesting to be measured just like all other radio stations but now that the subject has been lured out into the open, the game will change.   Internet Radio’s tactic has been to do a little teasing and name calling and get big Radio mad enough to make definitive statements saying that Arbitron’s current methodology doesn’t work for Internet Radio and that Internet Radio’s actual server performance reports are questionable.  Internet radio should be celebrating like crazy as they’ve accomplished their short term mission.    Now the real fun begins as everyone weighs in on the subject. Internet Radio is pie-eyed when looking at Radio’s annual revenue.  We’ll just have to see what the true value of the questions that stem from the debate will be in the long run. 


In related news, an anonymous, unidentifiable source at a top Internet Radio operation overheard someone in management murmur “It’s Moet time” when the release went out.

Triton’s Mike Agovino – Internet Radio listening should account for 10% of all Radio listening by 2015

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Also in this article, Agovino claims that today’s radio audience represents between $650-$900 million to the Internet Radio industry (between pre-roll audio/video ads, instream audio ads, and display ads with typical CPMs).  

In response to Arbitron’s desire to measure all Radio uniformly, Agovino suggests that Internet Radio has it’s own measurement system because he feels that the traditional budgets that will be tapped to pay for Internet radio are shrinking.  

As stated in an earlier post, this will be very interesting.


Plans for Standard Measurement of Terrestrial, Web and Mobile Radio stations appear to be on hold per R.A.I.N

Click above to read the article by Michael Schmitt at Kurt Hanson's Radio and Internet Newsletter

This doesn’t surprise me much.  There is a massive industry built around Arbitron’s audience measurement and changing that is daunting for all traditional Radio operators.  

From what I understand, there is a similar situation going on between Nielsen, Broadcast television and Cable.  Cable operators, like Pure-Play Internet radio stations, want equal audience measurement, but Nielsen’s bond to Broadcast television looks an awful like Arbitron’s bond with Radio.

I wonder how it will work out.