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Companies are underspending in Internet and Mobile advertising – Great video from Bloomberg Business.

This video is very explanatory.   It shows how important Internet and Mobile are to consumers, but still woefully underspent on by advertisers.  The times they are a changin’.

If you’re a Houston advertiser,  call me at 281-898-3823.   I will help you understand these complicated mediums and weave them into your marketing mix so you’ll get better results.

Houston’s Chief of Police Charles A McClelland Jr. – Weekly media address on YouTube

This is the first time I have posted one of these, but they are interesting.  It’s a shame that these videos don’t get more views.  The City of Houston and the Houston Police Department does a good job of getting content out for interested citizens.  They keep us informed and safe.



ESPN discusses LeBron James joining the Houston Rockets, rip James Harden

It’s an interesting idea.  LeBron joining the Rockets.  The Rockets could certainly use him.  I don’t see why Smith has to rip on Harden though.

This is a great discussion of the Rockets so if you’re a fan, check out this video.  LeBron is he best player in the NBA and probably top 5 of all time.  I hope he comes to Houston.




Houston passes ordinance that allows men to use women’s restrooms – controversy ensues

This is understandably a hot topic in Houston.  The video above includes a report on the subject by Fox 26 KRIV-Houston.  A petition is being pulled together.  The only option is the option that keeps Houston citizens safe.  I think the commentary is a bit extreme, but feel that he is right.

The Breakfast Club is coming to 93.7 The Beat : Houston’s Real Hip-Hop and R&B.

93.7 The Beat is Houston's Real Home Hip Hop and R&B
93.7 The Beat is Houston’s Real Home Hip Hop and R&B

With their connections in the entertainment world and their ability to entertain, The Breakfast Club will be a huge hit in Houston.  

Check them out on 93.7 FM The Beat in Houston and at 93.7 The Beat on iHeartRadio and help welcome DJ Envy, Angela and Charlamagne to H-Town!

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