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Top Digital Marketing Challenges as reported at Clickz.com

Click above for the whole article written by Augustine Fou at clickz.com

Digital marketing, for all the tools and promises of ease of execution, is tough.  Everyone in the marketing world that I know has gotten fed up with all things Digital at some point.  Anyone who has ever run a website can testify that sometimes, things don’t go your way and you cant figure it out.  And anyone selling advertising will tell you that Digital marketing has, at some point, been a topic they’d rather not discuss.  It’s too new, it’s too confusing, it’s too different.   It’s a terrible feeling that only patience and study can cure.  

That’s why the article we found today at clickz.com, written by Augustine Fou, is so interesting.  It gives a list of the top challenges facing Digital marketers today, as gleaned from Augustine’s course taught at Rutger’s.  A great read for anyone in advertising.