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Mobile Radio Listening is Growing Like Crazy in Houston – A look at CCM+E Houston’s number of weekly mobile listeners

It’s no secret that mobile radio listening is growing in Houston and worldwide, but the rapid adoption is surprising even to those who’ve been in Radio for years.  The video above shows the number of mobile listeners and the number of desktop listeners for Clear Channel Media + Entertainment’s 6 Houston radio stations when listened to via iHeartRadio.com or the iHeartRadio app.

There are nearly 3 times as many people tuning in from a mobile device than are from desktop computers.  It’s crazy because a couple years ago, mobile listening wasn’t eve an option…now it’s dwarfing desktop listening.  

In comparison to terrestrial radio stations…a weekly cume of 186,000 (CCM+E Houston’s number of weekly mobile listeners) would rank around 24th or 25th on a Houston-Galveston 6+ ranker.

And that number grows everyday….

Advertise Your Houston Area Business to Digital Radio Listeners on the 94.5 The Buzz Channel on iHeartRadio – Efficiently and Effectively

CCM+E has 6 radio stations in Houston on iHeartRadio and our advertising programs are reasonably priced and getting results for our advertisers.  Invite your customers in to see you while they are enjoying their favorite radio stations online or on a mobile device.  iHeartRadio rocks.

Top Digital Marketing Challenges as reported at Clickz.com

Click above for the whole article written by Augustine Fou at clickz.com

Digital marketing, for all the tools and promises of ease of execution, is tough.  Everyone in the marketing world that I know has gotten fed up with all things Digital at some point.  Anyone who has ever run a website can testify that sometimes, things don’t go your way and you cant figure it out.  And anyone selling advertising will tell you that Digital marketing has, at some point, been a topic they’d rather not discuss.  It’s too new, it’s too confusing, it’s too different.   It’s a terrible feeling that only patience and study can cure.  

That’s why the article we found today at clickz.com, written by Augustine Fou, is so interesting.  It gives a list of the top challenges facing Digital marketers today, as gleaned from Augustine’s course taught at Rutger’s.  A great read for anyone in advertising.


Great article on Streaming Radio’s Winners and Losers from RadioInsights.com

Click above to read the article "Streaming Winners or Losers? MOG, Spotify & Pandora" at Radioinsights.com

Some people seem to think that Digital music pureplays like MOG, Spotify and Pandora are the future of Radio and music consumption, but they are wrong.  Today’s article from radioinsights.com  gives very good reasons why.

Traditional, terrestrial radio has been weathering the storm of gloomy forecasts about it’s future, but continues to show strength. As the Radio industry continue’s to expand in the Digital space with apps like iHeartradio and Radio.com, we are seeing that listeners and advertisers are using their favorite stations through multiple distribution platforms and enjoying it.

For advertisers, the strength lies in the combination of real radio, streaming and campaign activation on radio station websites and social media.   Listeners just like being able to have more access to their favorite stations.  It appears that only a small percentage of early adopters have jumped into the world of Digital Radio, but they mistakenly think that everyone is like them and going to embrace Digital offerings.

It’s one of those cases where so much attention has been showered onto Digital Radio and  Digital pureplays that people took a good long look and figured out that, as great as they are, they just aren’t that big of a deal.

Read the article for more and check radioinsights.com regularly for, well, great Radio insights.

Funny how that works out huh?


The Great Radio Debate : How to measure terrestrial Radio audience delivery now that there are so many Internet pureplay webcasters

Click above form more from Erik Rhoads at Radio Ink

What a week for Radio.  The can of worms, in this case the debate on Radio audience measurement, has been decisively opened by both sides.  The subject has been looming in the background for a couple years now. Internet Radio has done a good job of maneuvering.  They have been stirring the pot by reporting huge numbers through Edison Research and politely requesting to be measured just like all other radio stations but now that the subject has been lured out into the open, the game will change.   Internet Radio’s tactic has been to do a little teasing and name calling and get big Radio mad enough to make definitive statements saying that Arbitron’s current methodology doesn’t work for Internet Radio and that Internet Radio’s actual server performance reports are questionable.  Internet radio should be celebrating like crazy as they’ve accomplished their short term mission.    Now the real fun begins as everyone weighs in on the subject. Internet Radio is pie-eyed when looking at Radio’s annual revenue.  We’ll just have to see what the true value of the questions that stem from the debate will be in the long run. 


In related news, an anonymous, unidentifiable source at a top Internet Radio operation overheard someone in management murmur “It’s Moet time” when the release went out.

From eMarketer: 2012 Trends – Cloud-Based Digital Music Services

Click above to read the full article from Emarketer.com

The graph and article linked above sumarizes the various types of cloud based music services.  Below, another graph from eMarketer provides information on Methods of Purchasing or Listening to Music.  The article addresses how cd sales have dropped, while online and now cloud-based music services are becoming the norm.