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Great Article from Radio Insights – Interest in Radio is Growing With Media Buyers

Click above to read the article by Richard Harker and Glenda Shrader Bos at radioinsights.com.com

Interest in Radio continues to grow among media buyers and this article highlights an important point.  You rarely are hearing about Radio’s growing popularity as an ad medium.  The reason, in part, is the media’s fascination with new technology, the Internet, mobile apps and social media.  All of these are new, and it gives the illusion that Radio is an older medium. 

What they tend to overlook is that Radio continues to be the most exciting of all media.  Radio is proactive, but also reactive.  Ironically, you could say that radio is proactively reactive.  Radio is a medium that is plugged into the pulse of the audience it serves and can quickly and excitingly discuss what’s happening everyday, while also creating memorable events and promotions that become a part of peoples’ lives.

Whether it be a drive-time feature, concert event or a giveaway, Radio gives audiences what they want and that creates opportunities for marketers.

It’s nice to see that the Media buying community knows that Radio’s ability to deliver reach, frequency and excitement to ad campaigns is important to their advertisers.  Media buyers are increasingly seeing the value in peeling portions of their TV budgets and putting it in the hands of high reach radio groups like CCM+E.  Beyond the obivous increased efficiency, Radio adds excitement because it’s an exciting and vibrant medium, even though you probably won’t read much about it amongst the flurry of “new” technologies and new media hype.

Top 10 Billing Radio Stations in 2011

Click above to read more about the top billing radio stations in 2011 Radioink.com

We love lists because they provide context.  Here is the list of the top 10 billing radio stations in 2011, as reported at Radioink.com.

#1.  WTOP-FM/Hubbard Broadcasting (news) – Washington,  DC  – $64 million

#2.  KIIS-FM/Clear Channel (CHR) – Los Angeles, CA  – $57 million

#3.  KFI-AM/Clear Channel (news) – Los Angeles, CA – $48.1 million

#4.  WBBM-AM/CBS (news) – Chicago, IL  – $48 million

#5.  WCBS-AM/CBS (news)  – New York, NY   – $47.5 million

#6.  WHTZ-FM/Clear Channel (CHR) – New York, NY   – $46 million

#7.  KROQ-FM/CBS (Alternative) – Los Angeles, CA  – $42 million

#8.  WINS-AM/CBS (news) – New York, NY – $42 million

#9.  WLTW-FM/Clear Channel (Lite AC) – New York, NY – $42 million

#$10.  WFAN-AM/CBS (Sports/Talk) – New York, NY – $40.5 million


Facebook – new ad opportunities are pushing social media advertising forward

As Facebook grows, so does their ability to offer ad opportunities.  There is no doubt that all of the data they have access to makes marketers salivate, but the impact on traditional media is still yet to be seen. 

Apparently, one of the new ad opportunities is an expandable ad unit attached to a friends endorsement.  That’s pretty incredible.  Facebook clearly understands that a freind’s endorsement multiplies the value of the ad they intend to serve. It’s brilliant if it works properly. 

One thing is for sure, Facebook will continue creating the way online advertising works while cutting into the traditional advertising pie…if they can get it right.