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Stevie Ray Vaughan would’ve turned 59 today – RIP SRV

The world lost Stevie Ray Vaughan in 1990 in a helicopter crash in Michigan after a concert with Eric Clapton.  The first video above is a news report with some of the facts on the tragedy. We post this video only because of the historical perspective. The second one is a rare interview with Stevie and the last is his entire set from Montreux in either 1982 or 1985.  In the performance video, you can scroll through to the various songs, which is awesome. He doesn’t play Little Wing in this one, which is a bummer, because his version of the Hendrix classic is incredible.  These videos are all posted on YouTube.

When he passed, Stevie had cleaned himself up considerably and was playing some of the best guitar of his life. May he continue to rest in peace.

Black Sabbath – The Sabbath Sound

Black Sabbath was incredible in Houston last night as they kicked off their North American Tour in support of their new album “13”.   They sounded great.  Geezer and Iommi were spot on and Brad Wilk, drummer for Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave was incredible in the place of Bill Ward.