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5 Challenges to Texas Water That Might Surprise You

The video above is from sradesigndotcom and it shows how a wastewater facility works. It’s fascinating. Our water supply is our most precious and endangered resource and our ability to manage it is critical.

Read the article “Here are 5 Challenges to Texas Water That Might Surprise You” at more information and please practice water conservation.

Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion Video and Domination Strategy: Video from the Twitterads channel

Twitter is making every attempt to compete with Google and Facebook in the high-potential mobile market.  This brief ad from Twitterads on YouTube describes how they can help promote your mobile app.  Good stuff.

Also the article “Twitter’s Strategy to Dominate Mobile Advertising” by Marie Alonso at is a great because it discusses the mobile market and Twitter’s evolving strategy to be a major player.

Interview with Brian Wong Co-founder and CEO of Kiip discussing online “moments of achievement” and “serendipitous rewards” – He’s brilliant

This an insightful discussion with the 22 year old Co-founder and CEO of Kiip.  He discusses how we all experience “moments of achievement” online and all appreciate “serendipitous rewards” and the huge potential those moments provide to advertisers.

Brian Wong was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30.  Read more about him here.  Brian Wong: 30 Under 30 – Forbes.