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Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion Video and Domination Strategy: Video from the Twitterads channel

Twitter is making every attempt to compete with Google and Facebook in the high-potential mobile market.  This brief ad from Twitterads on YouTube describes how they can help promote your mobile app.  Good stuff.

Also the article “Twitter’s Strategy to Dominate Mobile Advertising” by Marie Alonso at is a great because it discusses the mobile market and Twitter’s evolving strategy to be a major player.

Felix Kjellberg has 30 million Youtube subscribers on his channel PewDewPie and makes $4 million per year

There is a fantastic article today on about Felix Kjellberg, the guy in Norway that posts videos of himself commenting while he plays video games online and does other silly things.   He is totally real, says whatever he wants,  jokes constantly and has 30 million subscribers.  He’s making $4 million per year, per the article.  Pretty amazing.  Read the great article here.   Check out Pewdewpie on YouTube.

Interview with Brian Wong Co-founder and CEO of Kiip discussing online “moments of achievement” and “serendipitous rewards” – He’s brilliant

This an insightful discussion with the 22 year old Co-founder and CEO of Kiip.  He discusses how we all experience “moments of achievement” online and all appreciate “serendipitous rewards” and the huge potential those moments provide to advertisers.

Brian Wong was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30.  Read more about him here.  Brian Wong: 30 Under 30 – Forbes.

“You’re Doing Twitter Wrong” – A funny comedy advertising video by Tripp and Tyler on YouTube for

Over the years, I’ve considered keeping comedy out of my website header so I would appear more serious.  Then a brilliant comedy in advertising video like this one comes along and I can’t believe I even considered it.  Comedy in advertising is awesome.  Smiling and selling go together like peaches and cream and are a smart solution for marketers in many cases.  In our socially connected world where mobile video messages are becoming more and more valuable, comedy advertising videos work because they draw us in and everyone likes a good laugh right?    I searched YouTube for a video on the Omnicom/Twitter deal yesterday – but this funny video pulled me in and I ended up checking out the product they asked me to.    It’s smart integration.

In the video by  Tripp and Tyler on Youtube, they made me laugh and then suggested I check out which provides HD video conferencing solutions and looks like a good product, although I don’t know much about them…yet.

Great comedy with smart integration.  Love it.

Nathaniel Whittemore at Partnered discusses the power of mobile advertising in this video – it’s great, current info

This is an interesting video from Nathaniel Whittemore at Partnered on the subject of Mobile Advertising. There are so many mobile ad networks and mobile ad formats ahead it’s very daunting and literally hard to believe.

Instant access to consumers while they are using their favorite device, their mobile phone, is becoming more important to marketers everyday.