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40 years ago yesterday…Jimi Hendrix jammed publicly for the last time



Jimi Hendrix

On September 16, 1970, Jimi Hendrix jammed with Eric Burdon and War at Ronnie Scott’s Pub in London in an informal jam session that would be Jimi’s last public performance.  He died sometime after midnight on September 18, 1970 at his girlfriends house.   

At the time of the last jam at Ronnie Scott’s, Hendrix was allegedly talking with Eric Burdon (member of the band War at the time) and Chas Chandler (Jimi’s former manager and friend) about leaving Mike Jeffery (Jimi’s manager at that time).  Among the reasons Jimi wanted to leave Jeffery was the fact that Jimi felt creativley stfiled and Jimi suspected him of sobotaging some of his performances by spiking his drinks.    Conspircay theorists had thought that Jeffery may have had a hand in Jimi’s death but charges were never brought against him. 

Ironically on the same date in 1967, his debut album ‘Are you Experienced’ entered the charts for the first time. marking the beginning of his meteroic rise in rock. 


FM tuners on mobile phones…the debate.

An interesting article by Katy Bachman appeared on 9.14.10 in Mediaweek.  It included comments from Dennis Wharton of the NAB and Gary Shapiro of the Consumer Electronics Association.

Per a study conducted by Harris Interactive for the National Association of Broadcasters, 76% of cell phone users would pay a one time fee of 30 cents to gain access to local radio stations through their phone. 

While the radio and music industry agree that they would benefit from bigger audiences, the consumer electronics industry  is opposed to a government mandate to put radios in cell phones.

I thought these 2 quotes summed up the debate pretty well.

From Dennis Wharton, EVP of Communications for the NAB…”Most U.S. mobile phone users have been denied over-the-air access to their favorite free and local stations.  With much of the U.S. cell phone market built upon exclusive contracts between carriers and manufacturers, most consumers are left paying for fee-based data-intensive streaming apps with no free, broadcast alternative.”

From Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association…”We agree with the NAB that some consumers may want cell phones with FM receivers, and they have them, since numerous models of radio-equipped phones are already on the market.  the fact is that the NAB doesn’t care what consumers want.  By turning ‘FM’ into ‘forced mandate’ they want to make the consumer buy a radio whether they want one or not.”

My 2 cents is that consumers should have access to free radio anytime and anywhere and that includes free streaming.  I’m not sure how popular radio receivers in cell phones would be, but if there is a market for that service, I would think that the consumer electronics industry would be interested in capitalizing on it.  see the entire article at the link below.

“Van the Man” turns 65 today

Van Morrison

Van Morrison is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.  He is often considered Ireland’s second most popular rock act of all time behind U2.  The Best of Van Morrison is an awesome album, but it doesn’t include my favorite VM song, Into the Mystic.  Click the pic on the left to read more about Van Morrison.

“SRV is God 1956-1990″ – Stevie Ray Vaughan passed away 20 years ago today

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Arguably the greatest guitarist of all-time, Stevie Ray Vaughan died when the helicopter he was in crashed in East Troy, Wisconsin on August 27, 1990 just moments after takeoff at 1am.  He was 35.  I remember walking to class on Fry Street in Denton, TX on that morning and seeing the words “SRV is God – 1956-1990” written on the outside wall of the Flying Tomato and realizing that he had died. Thankfully his music and legacy live on.  Click his pic (right) to watch an epic version of “Texas Flood”.   Unbelievable.

Dangling the carrot of exceptionalism…Double Diamond relaunches Youtube channel!

While the other guys struggle to keep up, “Mr. Ice and Dice” sets the benchmark for quality comedy/education video channels during the relaunch of the Double Diamond Video Collection on Youtube.   With new projects in the works, one soothsayer close to the situation said it best…”Humor sells.  Double Diamond rules.”  

Experience the magic here:  The Double Diamond Video Collection on Youtube.